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2020 Wrapped - Our Hot Chinese Language Resources List

This very wild year, 2020 is finally coming to an end. There have been many ups and downs going on in the world, but we wanted to say a big well done to everyone who was able to stick with us in this year and continue to level up their Chinese language skills.

To wrap this year up, we have decided to do a round up of our hottest resources this year! Scroll down for the list of our hottest FREE Chinese language resources:

1. Downloadable PDFs

Our downloadable PDF files proved to be very popular as our Everyday Easy Chinese 学生 look to test their knowledge of the Chinese language! Download our free question and answer sheets below:

HSK 1 (Beginner level)

HSK 2 (Beginner level)

HSK 3 (Intermediate level)

HSK 4 (Intermediate level)

2. HSK Vocabulary and Example Sentences videos

Teacher He releases videos every week to help you categorize your HSK vocabulary studies. It is very difficult to randomly learn new Chinese words so we have helped you separate words for each HSK level into nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. so that you can remember them easily. Example sentences are also provided so that you know exactly how to use the words.

3. Business Chinese

Many of you showed interest in working in Chinese or in a Chinese company. Teacher Lin and Michelle have come up with a range of lessons to help you write a perfect Chinese resume and also understand more about Chinese business culture:

4. Chinese Bedtime Stories

If you want to slowly drift off to a soothing sleep, listen to our Chinese bedtime stories, narrated by Teacher Lin. We are in no doubt that his soothing voice will help relax your mind!

5. Popular Chinese

Learn commonly used Chinese words, phrases and sentences from the most popular TV shows and songs. Teacher Lin and Michelle will guide you through the world of popular Chinese with these lessons.

Thank you for joining us to learn Chinese in 2020 and we hope that you continue to level up with us in 2021 too! 加油!

Happy New Year from the whole Everyday Easy Chines Team!

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