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Downloadable HSK 2 Question and Answer Sheets

Do you want to see whether you have the vocabulary base to pass a HSK 2 Chinese exam? If so, access our FREE downloadable HSK 2 level question and answer sheets below! We recommend that you print these out so that you can test your writing skills too.

See a summary and links to our question and answer sheets below:

STEP 1: Complete the HSK 2 Question sheet

  • 4 pages total of HSK 2 vocabulary practice

  • Fill out the pinyin and meaning of the Chinese word on page 1 and 2

  • Write out the Chinese characters on page 3 and 4 to match the English meaning and the pinyin.

STEP 2: Review with the HSK 2 Answer sheet

  • Once you have completed the question sheet, review your answers with the answer sheet.

  • Write out the answers that you did not get right and understand why.



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