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Put Your HSK 1 Vocabulary Skills to the Test!

Updated: May 18, 2020

n you pass the HSK 1 Chinese (Beginner) exams? To help you prepare for the exams, we've created a FREE downloadable question sheet for you to test your HSK vocabulary skills. Scroll down to download the question and answer sheet.

Question Sheet

Practice makes perfect. In part 1 of this worksheet, you'll be challenged to fill out the pinyin and meaning of the Chinese word. In part 2, you'll get to practice your writing skills by filling out the Chinese word to match the pinyin and English meaning.

Answer Sheet

Check your answers using this downloadable answer sheet.


Download the FREE printable question sheet and check your answers with the answer sheet.

REVISED: One of our Everyday Easy Chinese 学生 made a few great typo spots on our sheet and we have revised these in the downloadable PDFs above. Great job!

To continue leveling up your Chinese language skills, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for new Chinese lessons every Thursday and Sunday!

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