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100 HSK 3 Vocabulary Test (Answers Included)

Are you currently studying Chinese at an intermediate level? If so, test your HSK 3 vocabulary knowledge with our 100 HSK 3 Vocabulary Test worksheet!

In this test, you'll see 100 HSK 3 words and your challenge is to decide on whether the words match the corresponding picture or not.

How to use this worksheet:

  1. Download the question sheet here. Time how long it takes you to complete the test.

  2. After completing the question sheet, check your answers here! Can you score at least a grade of 80/100?

  3. If not, see where you went wrong and do the test again. See if you can answer the questions faster than your previous time!

  4. If so, congratulations! Move onto our HSK 4 vocabulary series below:

Let us know how well you did! 加油!

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