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What Would You Do if You Saw a Poor Boy Outside a Cake Shop?

What would you do if you saw a poor boy peering in a cake shop? Teacher Lin reacts to a social experiment video conducted in China by 大树君TreeMan. Watch the reaction video below and the new words and phrases that you can learn to understand Chinese culture more.

Here are the words and phrases we learned in this lesson:

  • 阿姨 (Āyí): Auntie: You would call an older woman who looks a similar age to your mom. Please do use this with caution as women may get offended from the phrase if there isn't much of an age difference. In those situations, you can call the woman 姐姐 (jiě jie) which sounds more pleasing to the ears.

  • 蛋卷(dàn juǎn) Egg roll pastry: This is a tasty snack which is also known as 'barquillo' in Spain.

  • 矿泉水瓶 (kuàngquán shuǐpíng) Plastic bottle: It is common to see poorer young children or the elderly on the streets rummaging through rubbish to collect recyclable bottles to sell for money to survive.

  • 宝贝 (bǎobèi) Treasure: This can also mean 'baby' or used as an affectionate term, similar to ‘honey’ or ‘darling’.

  • 机器猫 (jīqì māo): This is the cartoon character Doraemon which is very popular with kids.

  • 你的温暖,是最好的“生日礼物(Nǐ de wēnnuǎn, shì zuì hǎo de "shēngrì lǐwù") Your warmth is the greatest ‘birthday present’.

Please do LIKE the video if you enjoyed learning more about Chinese culture through this type of video.

See you next time!

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