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New Year’s Resolution for 2020 - How Learning Chinese Can Change Your Life

Updated: May 18, 2020

Learning a new language changed my life.

I’ve made lifelong friends, found my dream job and appeared on TV shows abroad. These experiences would not have been possible if I never had decided to learn a new language. Are you ready to also change your life in 2020 by learning a language? If so, here are the top five reasons why learning Chinese can open new doors and opportunities in your life. There is a free PDF at the end with tips to help you get started.

1. Speak to the largest population in the world

Did you know that in terms of native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the entire world? Most of these native speakers are concentrated in China, Taiwan and Singapore, but you’ll most likely meet a Chinese native speaker in any other country.

Talking to a Chinese native speaker in any other language other than Chinese might hinder your chances of really connecting with them. As Nelson Mandela once stated, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Start forming lifelong relationships with your Chinese classmates, neighbors or colleagues by speaking to them in their mother tongue and connect to their heart. Be that person who can connect to the largest population in the world!

2. Watch Chinese movies and dramas without subtitles

According to a report by PwC, China is set to surpass the US to become the world’s largest cinema market in terms of box office revenue by 2020. This is great for you because it means there will be more entertaining Chinese movies for you to watch! Forget the messy dubbing and the subtitles which never quite catch the real meanings of Chinese jokes or cultural references. Start learning Chinese now so that you can watch Chinese movies and dramas raw. No bad subtitles and no sloppy dubbing. Just raw, unfiltered Chinese where you can understand all the cultural references and jokes and explain them to your puzzled friends!

3. Succeed in your career

Looking to work for a multinational company or set up your own global company? If so, learning Chinese can help you expand. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, China is set to become the largest consumer market in the world. With size comes opportunity, and this is the perfect time for Chinese speakers to step up in any field to target a goldmine of over one billion people. Start impressing your clients and close deals in 2020 by speaking fluent Chinese!

4. Travel in China like a local

Did you know that China has over 3,500 years of written history which makes it one of the longest civilizations in the world? Being able to communicate in Chinese is essential if you are looking to travel the whole country and experience the rich history of China. Understanding Chinese is essential because once you leave larger cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, you’ll also leave the comfort of having menus and signs translated in English. Venturing into a local restaurant and not being able to read or speak Chinese may mean that you’ll have to randomly pick something off the menu and hope for the best. In some cases, you might get by with a translation app, but you can never be sure if the translation will be 100% accurate or not.

5. Learn other languages such as Korean and Japanese easily

Learning Chinese first can give you that edge in mastering other languages such as Japanese and Korean. Did you know that historically, both the Japanese and Korean writing system adopted Chinese characters? Learning Chinese can help you understand Kanji characters in Japanese and Hanja characters in Korean. You may also occasionally notice that the pronunciation of the words will sound quite similar too. Learning Chinese will allow you to develop a strong writing base to master other East Asian languages.

So, are you ready to change your life in 2020?

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. That is why we have put together a free printable PDF for you to get started in your Chinese language journey. Download here.

I will also go over ways on how you can quickly get up to speed with the Chinese language as a beginner learner in this video. Click here to watch


We wish you the best in your language learning journey! Remember……practicing a language bit by bit everyday can you help you compound everything that you have learned to ultimately become a fluent speaker.

Good luck!

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