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How Attractive Are You in China? As a man!

What do you define the ultimate standard of beauty as? A popular internet ranking board of male beauty standards reveals the generalistic views on what the ideal man would look like in China. Read on or watch our video summary to find out what the standard is!

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An internet ranking of male beauty standards in China

1/10 male beauty: This depiction of a 1/10 guy according to the ranking board points to someone who doesn't have the best facial features or body. It mentions "不是人类" which means "is not human".

2/10 male beauty: At this stage, there are still serious problems with the face. Clothes also don't look good on him and he is most likely to be a 杀马特 (shā mǎ tè). This is slang and a phonetic pronunciation of the English word - "smart". However, it is an ironic expression referring to someone who is very gothic-like and not so smart.

3/10 male beauty: At this stage, the man is not considered scary anymore. There are also no major issues with the face, but there are endless minor issues.

4/10 male beauty: An easily forgotten appearance. Said to have a "common face" or "passerby face".

5/10 male beauty: Balanced facial features but not too handsome that people will covet over him.

6/10 male beauty: Has a flaw in either his height, facial features or aura that prevents him from being a 7/10!

7/10 male beauty: This guy was probably the "popular guy" back in school. He has a trendy hairstyle, double eyelids, and a high nose bridge. He would most likely be a photographer or someone working in the entertainment industry.

8/10 male beauty: An 8/10 guy has self-confidence and would have no problems making a living from his face alone.

9/10 male beauty: No words can describe how handsome a 9/10 is because he may just be a fantasy. He's also probably a famous idol or movie star.

10/10 male beauty: Only exists in legends or myths. A 10/10 guy is a genius, hardworking, has lots of achievements, a good body, an outstanding reputation and so much more. Will probably be remembered forever.

What did you think of these standards? Do you think they are inherent in your culture too? Let us know!


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