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Save Your Chinese Conversations With These 7 Chinese Interjections

Do you get lost in lengthy Chinese conversations that you don't understand but want to show that you are following along? If so, keep these 7 useful Chinese interjections in mind next time so that you can respond naturally and not interrupt the flow of the conversation for every word that you don't understand!

Teacher Lin will go through each phrase and provide you with example situations as to when you should use them. Watch out for the last interjection which is one that we recommend for people really wanting to push their Chinese language skills to the next level!

Some interjections you would have learned in the video are:

真的没想到 (Who would’ve thought) - Used when you feel like your friend is telling you something unexpected.

哎呀 (Oh no!) - Used to express disgust or irritation.

Watch the lesson to find out the rest:

Thank you for watching! If you found the video helpful remember to LIKE the video.

See you again soon for our next lesson!

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