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Learn HSK 4 vocabulary - Verbs Edition (Part 6/6)

Updated: May 18, 2020

Are you preparing for the HSK 4 level Chinese exams? Or do you simply want to get to that next level in Chinese? In the final part of our HSK 4 verbs vocabulary series, you will learn HSK 4 Chinese vocabulary (Verbs only) and example sentences for you to start using these in everyday conversations.

Teacher He will guide you through each word, its meaning and pronunciation. She will repeat this slowly so that you can fully take in the correct Chinese pronunciation. Teacher He will then methodically take you through an example sentence using the word so that you know how to use it correctly in everyday situations.

Watch our lesson below! Be sure to subscribe to keep up with our lessons every Thursday and Sunday!

Thank you for watching the final part of our HSK 4 Chinese vocabulary series (Verbs only). We find that the best way to retain these words is to start creating sentences with each one. Try and create a few sentences that you think will be useful in your everyday life.

See you again for more HSK 4 and HSK 5/6 episodes!

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