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HSK 5 Vocabulary You Need to Learn (Day 7/7)

Categorize the 1,300 new Chinese words that you need to learn to become HSK 5 proficient! In 7 days, Teacher He will go through all the HSK 5 adjectives you need and provide you with example sentences so that you know how to use each word with confidence.

Watch the video lesson to see the example sentences or see below for a list of the HSK 5 adjectives for the final day of our 7 day series!

HSK 5 Adjectives: Vocabulary list (Day 7/7)

  1. Relative: 相对 (xiāng duì)

  2. Objective: 客观 (kè guān)

  3. Easy: 轻易 (qīng yì)

  4. Transparent: 透明 (tòu míng)

  5. Obvious: 显然 (xiǎn rán)

  6. Modest: 虚心 (xū xīn)

  7. Unanimous: 一致 (yī zhì)

  8. Crowded: 拥挤 (yǒng jǐ)

  9. Hardworking: 用功 (yòng gōng)

  10. Hesitant: 犹豫 (yóu yù)

  11. Beneficial: 有利 (yǒu lì)

  12. Round: 圆 (yuán)

  13. Narrow: 窄 (zhǎi)

  14. True: 真实 (zhēn shí)

  15. Neat: 整齐 (zhěng qí)

  16. Subjective: 主观 (zhǔ guān)

  17. Purple: 紫 (zǐ)

  18. Proud: 自豪 (zì háo)

  19. Conscious: 自觉 (zì jué)

  20. Selfish: 自私 (zì sī)

Stay tuned for another HSK 5 vocabulary lesson!

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