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HSK 5 Vocabulary - Conjunctions

We are here to help you categorize the 1,300 new words that you need to learn to become HSK 5 proficient! Teacher He will take you through all the HSK 5 conjunctions you need to know.

Watch the video lesson to see the example sentences or see below for a list of the HSK 5 conjunctions:

  1. In addition: 此外 (cǐ wài)

  2. Thereby: 从而 (cóng ér)

  3. Let alone: 何况 (hé kuàng)

  4. It can be seen that: 可见 (kě jiàn)

  5. Even if: 哪怕 (nǎ pà)

  6. Or: 要不 (yào bù)

  7. And also: 以及 (yǐ jí)

  8. Therefore: 因而 (yīn ér)

  9. While: 则 (zé)

  10. Otherwise: 不然 (bù rán)

  11. Unless: 除非 (chú fēi)

  12. If: 加入 (jiǎ rú)

  13. In case: 万一 (wàn yī)

  14. Rather than: 与其 (yǔ qí)

  15. In short: 总之 (zǒng zhī)

Stay tuned for another HSK 5 vocabulary lesson!

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