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How to Talk About Your Family in Chinese

Updated: May 18, 2020

In this lesson, you'll learn how to talk about your family members in Chinese. Watch the video to listen to the quick story and hear the pronunciation of how you would refer to your family members on your mum and dad's side.


Daughter: 女儿 (nǚ ér)

Son: 儿子 (ér zi)

Mom: 妈妈 (mā ma) or 母亲 (mǔ qīn) for “mother”

Dad: 爸爸 (bà ba) or 父亲 (fù qin) “father”

Big brother: 哥哥 (gē ge)

Big sister: 姐姐 (jiě jiě)

Little sister: 妹妹 (mèi mei)

Little brother: 弟弟 (dìdì)

Mother's side

Grandma: 外婆 (waì pó)

Grandpa: 外公 (waì gōng)

Older cousin (male): 表哥(biǎo gē)

Younger cousin (male): 表弟 (Biǎo dì)

Older cousin (female): 表姐 (biǎo jiě)

Younger cousin (female): 表妹 (biǎo mèi)

Auntie: 阿姨 (ā yí)

Uncle: 舅舅 (jìu jiu)

Father's side

Grandma: 奶奶 (naǐ nai)

Grandpa: 爷爷 (yé ye)

Auntie: 姑姑 (gū gu)

Uncle (older): 伯伯(bó bo)

Uncle (younger): 叔叔 (shū shu)

Older cousin (male): 堂哥 (táng gē)

Younger cousin (male): 堂弟 (tāng dì)

Older cousin (female): 堂姐 (Táng jiě)

Younger cousin (female): 堂妹 (Táng mèi)

So how does your family look like? Let us know in the comments below and remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for free Chinese lessons every Thursday and Sunday!


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