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Count in Chinese

Updated: May 18, 2020

大家好!我是Everyday Easy Chinese的何老师。

Today, we will learn how to count from 0 to 1,000. Once you learn these numbers, you'll be able to say dates, tell the time and find out the cost of things in Chinese.

Let's start!

0 – 10

0 零 (líng)

1 一 (yī)

2 二 (èr)

3 三 (sān)

4 四 (sì)

5 五 (wǔ)

6 六 (liù)

7 七 (qī)

8 八 (bā)

9 九 (jiǔ)

10 十 (shí)

11 to 19

For numbers 11 to 19, you put the number 10 (十) in front and then you add a number behind. For example, eleven would be 十一 (10 and 1) and twelve would be 十二 (10 and 2) and so on.

20 to 99

You guessed it! Twenty is 二十 ( 2 and 10). Can you guess what twenty one is? That’s right! It is 二十一 (2, 10 and 1), twenty two is 二十二 (two ten and two) and so on. How would you say ninety-nine then? That’s right! It is 九十九 (night ten nine).


The word for hundred is 百 (bǎi). So if you want to say one hundred, you would follow the same rule as before.

One hundred would then be 一百.

There are some things to note here.

  • One hundred and one is not 一百一。It would be一百零一, (one hundred zero and one) and following on from this, it would be 一百零二, 102, 一百零三, 103 and so on until 109 一百零九.

  • From 110 onwards, you will follow the same rule as with the numbers 20 to 99. For example, one hundred and eleven will be 一百十一 and one hundred and ninety nine will be 一百九十九.

  • When you move onto two hundred, there is another word that is more common than saying 二百. For “two” you should use 两 (liǎng) , which is normally used to describe quantity. Two hundred is 两百 (liǎng bǎi).

One thousand

With the above, you will be able to count to 1,000 and above. The word for thousand is 千 (qiān). So how would you say one thousand? Yes, that’s right! It will be一千. And if you want move ahead, two thousand will follow will be 两千 and so on.

Thank you for watching our video on counting from zero to one thousand. We hope this helped you and remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for weekly Chinese lessons!


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