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Talk about your hobbies in Chinese

Updated: May 18, 2020

大家好!我是 Everyday Easy Chinese的何老师。

A first step to making friends in any country or culture is often to find common interests between you and your potential friend. In order to help you do this in Chinese, we will learn how to talk about our hobbies and interests today!


Here are a few common words and phrases that you will need to start talking about your interests and hobbies.

1. 爱好 : Hobby / Hobbies

2. 喜欢: To like

3. 做饭: To cook

4. 学外语: To learn foreign languages

5. 看电影: To watch movies

6. 看书: To read books


Chinese grammar isn't too different from English grammar so you'll normally follow the same sentence structure used in English. For example, in English, we will say “I like to cook” and in Chinese this will be “我(I) 喜欢(like) 做饭(to cook)”.

Let's have a look at a few bits of grammar that we may need to express our interests and hobbies.

1. 的: A possession particle (similar to ‘s)

2. 是: The verb 'To Be' (Am/are/is). It also means 'yes' if said by itself or in a different context.

3. 不: 'Do not'. It can also mean 'no' if said by itself or in a different context.

4. 因为..所以: 'Because…so'

5. 什么: What

Example Sentences

Let’s make some sentences with the above vocabulary and grammar.

1. 我不喜欢做饭。 I don’t like to cook.

2. 我的爱好是学外语。 My hobby is to learn foreign languages.

3. 我喜欢学中文。I like learning Chinese.

4. 你的爱好是什么?What is your hobby?

Practice Time!

How would you say….

1. My hobby is… 我的爱好是。。。

2. I like to…我喜欢

3. I don’t like to… 我不喜欢

4. What is your hobby? 你的爱好是什么?

Watch our Youtube video on hobbies and remember to subscribe for regular Chinese language and Culture lessons!



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