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Bilingual Eats - Episode 2: What are your fears?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Hello fellow Chinese language learners!

Watch our second episode of Bilingual Eats which is a series where Teacher Lin and Michelle discuss different topics in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Why? So our learners can learn new vocabulary and phrases for different topics in each episode. We will also be having a different Chinese dishes in each episode to expose our viewers to a wide range of delicious Chinese cuisine.

Key vocabulary and phrases in this episode


Fear: 恐惧 (Kǒngjù)

Isolation: 隔离 (Gélí)

Human(s): 人类 (Rénlèi)

Trypophobia: 密集恐惧症 (Mìjí kǒngjù zhèng)


Lonely: 孤独 (Gūdú)

Scary: 可怕 (Kěpà)


To go on business travel: 出差 (Chūchāi)

To contaminate: 污染 (Wūrǎn)

Which loneliness level are you?

  • Level 1: Going to the supermarket alone (第一级:一个人去逛超市)

  • Level 2: Going to a fast food restaurant alone (第二级:一个人去快餐厅)

  • Level 3: Going to a coffee shop alone (第三级:一个人去咖啡厅)

  • Level 4: Going to the cinema alone (第四级:一个人去看电影)

  • Level 5: Going to eat hotpot alone (第五级:一个人吃火锅)

  • Level 6: Going to KTV alone (第六级:一个人去KTV)

  • Level 7: Going to the beach alone (第七级:一个人去看海)

  • Level 8: Going to an amusement park alone (第八级:一个人去游乐园)

  • Level 9: Moving house alone (第九级:一个人搬家)

  • Level 10: Going to the surgery room alone (第十级:一个人去做手术)

Watch the video to learn more:

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