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Describe your emotions in Chinese

Updated: May 18, 2020

Hello everyone! I am Michelle from Everyday Easy Chinese and today you will be learning 10 words to describe your emotions in Chinese. Before, we start remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel below for weekly Chinese lessons!

Let's start.

1. English: Happy

Chinese: 快乐 (Kuài lè)

Example sentence: I am very happy today!

Chinese translation: 我今天很快乐!(Wǒ jīntiān hěn kuàilè!)

2. English: Sad

Chinese: 伤心 (Shāng xīn)

Example sentence: Have you ever been sad?

Chinese translation: 你有没有伤心过?(Nǐ yǒu méiyǒu shāngxīnguò?)

3. English: Angry

Chinese: 生气 (Shēng qì)

Example sentence: Are you angry?

Chinese translation: 你在生气吗?(Nǐ zài shēngqì ma?)

4. English: Bored

Chinese: 无聊 (Wú liáo)

Example sentence: I feel bored today.

Chinese translation: 今天很无聊! (Jīntiān hěn wúliáo!)

5. English: Scared

Chinese: 害怕 (Hài pà)

Example sentence: I am very scared.

Chinese translation: 我很害怕。(Wǒ hěn hàipà.)

6. English: Tired

Chinese: 累 (Lèi)

Example sentence: Are you tired?

Chinese translation: 你累吗?(Nǐ lèi ma?)

7. English: Sick

Chinese: 生病 ( Shēng bìng)

Example sentence: I am sick.

Chinese translation: 我生病了。(Wǒ shēngbìngle)

8. English: Satisfied

Chinese: 满意 (Mǎn yì)

Example sentence: Are you satisfied?

Chinese translation: 你满意吗?(Nǐ mǎnyì ma)

9. English: Hungry

Chinese: 饿 (È)

Example sentence: I am hungry.

Chinese translation: 我饿了。(Wǒ èle)

10. English: Nervous

Chinese: 紧张 (Jǐnzhāng)

Example sentence: I am very nervous.

Chinese translation: 我很紧张。(Wǒ hěn jǐnzhāng)

Thank you for watching our video. How are you feeling today?

See you next time!

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