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What's the Difference Between 会, 能 and 可以? Chinese Grammar Lesson

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In summary, here are the differences between 会, 能 and 可以:

  • Expressing learned ability - Use this to express that you can do a skill that needs to be learned.

  • Expressing "will" - You will do something or that something will happen

  • Expressing physical ability - Use this to express that you can do something physically (E.g. Not because you have learned it, but because you can physically do it)

  • Expressing possibility - Use this when you want to express a possibility of something happening or a possibility that you will do something.


  • Mainly used to ask for, give and deny permission (You can also use 能 interchangeably too but in the negative - 不能)

  • Expressing possibility: Can also use these interchangeably with 能. When expressing a negative outcome, use 不能 instead of 不可以.

Watch the lesson to see examples of each one!

See you again soon!

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