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What's the Difference between 不 and 没? - Easy Grammar Lesson

Updated: May 18, 2020

How do you differentiate between 不 and 没 ? Both can be put in front of a verb or an adjective. In this video, Teacher Lin will teach you the different uses of each word and provide you with example sentences so that you know how to use them in everyday situations.

Watch the lesson here or have a quick look at the uses below:

Here are some uses of both words:

1. Use to negate a verb in the present and future tense

2. Use in front of adjectives to negate them

3. Use to ask a yes or no question

1. Use to negate the verb 有 

2. Use to negate actions in the past

3. Use for comparisons (not as)

Stay tuned for other Chinese grammar lessons!

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