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Learn Chinese Greetings in 5 Minutes

Today, we'll be learning different Chinese greetings in less than 5 minutes! Ditch the textbook ways of saying '你好' and ‘再见'.

Different ways to say 'hello'

Instead of saying 你好,here are the different ways of saying 'hello'.

  • 吃了吗? (chīle ma?) Have you eaten yet? Food is very important in Chinese culture, so it’s always good to ask people and check to see if they have a full stomach.

  • 怎么样?(zěnme yang?) How’s it going? To soften the tone, you can add 啊 at the end to form 怎么样啊?

  • 怎么弄的?(zěnme nòng de?) How have you been doing?

  • 干啥?(gàn shá)What's up? This is a bit rough sounding to some people

  • 早 (zǎo) Morning! This is a casual way of saying 早上好 (zǎoshang hǎo) which means good morning.

  • · The above are quite informal, so if you are speaking to your seniors or clients, say 您好 (nín hǎo)

Different ways to say 'goodbye'

Instead of saying 再见,here are the different ways of saying 'goodbye'.

  • 拜拜 (bàibai) Bye bye.

  • 下次见!(xià cì jiàn) See you next time!

  • 回头见!(Huítóu jiàn) See you later!

  • 晚安 (Wǎn'ān) Night night.

Watch this video to hear the pronunciation of each word:

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