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12 New Year Resolutions for 2021

Today we'll be looking at how to say new year resolutions in Chinese! We hope this post provides you with some inspiration to create and achieve your own goals in 2021. Let us know what you goals are!

1. 每周运动最少五天

(Měi zhōu yùndòng zuìshǎo wǔ tiān)

Exercise for at least five days a week

It's time to stop sitting around like you did in 2020 and start getting active! Try and exercise at least five days a week to get your blood circulating.

2. 学好吉他

(Xuéhǎo jítā)

Learn the guitar

Is there an instrument you have always wanted to learn? Take the leap and start taking lessons in the new year! Teacher Lin looks to learn the guitar this year. How about you?

3. 学好中文

(Xuéhǎo zhōngwén)

Learn Chinese

Did you know that learning Chinese can open you up to a country that has one of the longest histories in the world? You'll also establish a base to learn other language such as Japanese and Korean.

4. 学习投资理财

(Xuéxí tóuzī lǐcái)

Learn investment and wealth management

Have you been spending too much in the past year? If so, it's time to get your finances in shape for the new year! Learn how to invest your money and manage your wealth.

5. 结交新朋友

(Jiéjiāo xīn péngyǒu)

Make new friends

Life would be boring and quiet without great friends and companions right? Make new friends and create lifelong memories with them in the new year!

6. 学习演讲

(Xuéxí yǎnjiǎng)

Learn public speaking

Many people have a fear of public speaking. Why not tackle this fear head on and learn how to build your confidence in the new year?

7. 学好游泳

(Xuéhǎo yóuyǒng)

Learn how to swim

This is an essential life skill to learn. If you don't know how to swim or can't swim well, it's time to improve on this skill as it may become useful one day.

8. 多阅读

(Duō yuèdú)

Read more

Did you know that by reading, you can connect with ideas that have been passed on for generations? Open your mind up to a new world for relatively low investment by reading books.

9. 多去旅行

(Duō qù lǚxíng)

Travel more

Having to stay at home for the majority of 2020 and facing so many disruptions will have taken a toll on your mind. Once safe, venture out and let the 2020 experience teach you not to take nature and the world for granted.

10. 学习编码

(Xuéxí biānmǎ)

Learn how to code

The world is becoming more and more digital. To not get left behind in the pre-digital world, take some coding lessons to help you prepare for the future!

11. 学做菜

(Xué zuò cài)

Learn how to cook

Stop relying on your parents to create your favorite meals! Start learning those home recipes this year and recreate your favorite recipes for friends and family to enjoy.

12. 学会跳舞

(Xuéhuì tiàowǔ)

Learn how to dance

Looking for another way to build your confidence and social skills? Learn how to dance! There are a variety of styles to choose from and you'll slowly be able to build your confidence with practice.

Watch our video to learn how to pronounce these new year resolutions!

Let us know what new year resolutions you pick for the new year!

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